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Set off for a caffeine-fueled adventure in a post-apocalyptic universe in Baristapocalypse! Manage a coffee shop on a commercial spacecraft, keeping it free of spills, garbage, and loitering alien clientele.  Brew a variety of ingredients in pursuit of the perfect cup of joe! Call in up to 4 players to help serve up orders and handle cosmic chaos.  Will you be able to keep up with demand and save enough to escape your next shift?




Art and Animation:

Gabriel Ramos - Lead Artist and Game Designer - (view here)

Red Sheridan - Producer and 3D Artist - (view here)

Megan MacKinnon - Lead 2D Artist and Lead UI - (view here)

Turner Burton - Lead Animator - (view here)

Alex Goerz - Lead 3D Modeler - (view here)

Samori Bryan - 3D Modeler and VFX - (view here)

Tabitha Chen - 2D Artist - (view here)

Jessica Spattz - 2D Artist -

April Martin - Narrative and Audio Designer - (view here)

Max Pateman - Animation - (view here)

Programming and Development:

Michael Stiers - Lead Developer - (view here)

Jeffrey Tong - Co-Technical Director and Networking - (view here)

Juan Zuluaga Castano - Co-Technical Director(view here)

Deandre Depluzer - Gameplay Programmer - (view here)

Rod John Cayaco - Artificial Intelligence Programmer - (view here)

Andrew James - Audio and UI - (view here)

Douglas Park - Shaders and Cameras -

Bransen Starkey - Additional Programming -  (view here)

Brett Penney - Additional Programming - (view here)

Daniel Obiacoro - Additional Programming -


Joshua Schwartz


Laura VanVeen Kinsman

Trinity Genereux

Aaron Saulteaux


Brad Furminger


Brad Furminger

Michael Prescott

Toronto Film School Staff and TA's

All the coffee that powered us in production

Ghost Roast Games
StatusIn development
AuthorsMegan (Meg) MacKinnon, Teanbes, Red S, Sunnyshore
Average sessionA few seconds


Baristapocalypse1.1.zip 381 MB

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